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Dr. Jasuja graduated from Stanford University School of Medicine Adult psychiatry residency program. Has a Fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. He did his internship in Pediatrics in Detroit, MI.
While at Stanford, in 1991, he won best research paper award of the Northern California Psychiatric society, San Francisco, for a paper on Autism and Down syndrome. Later Stanford University hired him as clinical instructor and Associate Medical Director, Inpatient psychiatry program at the Lucille S. Packard Hospital at Stanford.
After one year he went into his own practice and started working with inpatients and outpatients at various bay area hospitals. In 1995 he wrote a book, entitled, ‘Out of Chaos – a book on ADHD/ADD and stress.’ In 1996, he founded California Institute of Behavioral sciences in Palo Alto. Here, besides clinical work, he started doing research on brain chemicals. Due to his various accomplishments, he has been interviewed by national and international media. He gave psychological profile of ‘Unabomber,’ to the Sacramento Bee. This was later published in the New York Times.
He has been interviewed by several TV programs, San Francisco chronicle, Time magazine and other media outfits. He was awarded the ‘Golden Eagle Excellence Award,’ by the American College of Forensic examiners, for his contributions in the field of psychiatry. Dr. Jasuja's success has put him on the cover of ‘Life in Medicine,’ a magazine about the lifestyle of young and successful physicians in the U.S. He is Board certified Diplomat of American Board of Forensic Examiners and American College of Forensic Medicine.
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